Faulty Medical Device Injuries


Faulty Medical Devices

If you or a love one has suffered needlessly or died as a result of a faulty medical device, get the representation you deserve today.

You are not alone. Although regulations on medical devices are stronger than ever, thousands of Americans are killed or injured every year because of manufacturer’s defects in medical devices. Some of these cases even have national attention. Perhaps you have heard the calls for class action on your radio or television for devices like the transvaginal mesh. Our firm understands products liability law, and our team of experts can fight for you and your family.



The sale of medical devices is an $85 billion dollar a year industry. Some of these devices cause more damage to the patient than the original injury or disease that caused them to seek medical attention in the first place. Fortunately, the law is on the side of the consumer and places liability on these device manufacturers, who are ultimately accountable for the safety and efficacy of their products. 


Transvaginal Mesh 90%
Hip Replacement 50%
Knee Replacement 100%
DaVinci Surgery Robot 80%